Healing Birth Trauma & making peace with your birth Experience

Along with the joy of starting life with their new baby, the reality is that most mothers need physical and emotional healing from their birth experience.

For many women, the experience of childbirth and early motherhood is not what they expected or hoped it would be. This often leaves them with unresolved, lingering feelings of disappointment, sadness, overwhelm, fear and/or confusion. These unresolved feelings and trauma can have an enormous impact on how a woman experiences motherhood, faces future births, relates to herself and the world.

But it doesn’t have to end there…

Our powerful, integrative approach will allow you to process, heal and Bring closure to your difficult pregnancy, birth & postpartum experiences— facilitating resolution and a greater sense of peace, freedom and joy in your life.

Research shows that having the opportunity to "Sit with," reflect on, and process what happened during labor and delivery has an enormous impact on a mother's sense of well-being, how well she bonds with your baby, how she feels about facing future births, and experiences life in general.

Even if your labor was not traumatic, simply having a birth experience that did not match your expectations can be difficult to process. Regardless of the outcome, it is still highly likely that it was one of the most intense, challenging and transformative experience of your life. This in itself merits that attention be given to process your birth so you can positively grow and flourish after this significant life experience.

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This exploration may include facing the grief, sadness, or disappointment that you feel after a birth experience did not go how you imagined or hoped that it would, as having feelings of disappointment, sadness, anger or confusion about your birth is perfectly normal. Feeling these difficult emotions does not mean that you love your baby any less, or that you are not grateful that you have a healthy baby. With the excitement and intensity of giving birth, all too often mothers aren't able to fully integrate their experience, and any unpleasant feelings are "put on the shelf," while everyone says, "at least the baby is healthy."

Cutting-edge Integrative Approach to Make Peace with your birth Experience

Our integrative approach is uniquely effective in its ability to bring about a healing change. We blend powerful counseling, coaching and holistic healing techniques. A variety of modalities are integrated into a system that brings about powerful shifts, release, deep healing and resolution. This work often includes a powerful birth story sharing formula that helps identify and release trauma and emotion that is held in the body, as well as Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), hypnotherapy, expert reflection from a maternity professional, mindful somatic release, visualization work and guided healing meditations.

Preparing for subsequent births

Many women find that they experience intense feelings and fears which rise to the surface when facing the birth of their next child. Whether you are unsure about giving birth in a hospital or home again, are preparing for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC), or are just having general feelings of fear and apprehension as you prepare to give birth again--there is incredible power and benefit that comes when you attend to these thoughts, fears and emotions.  Don’t wait. You can thrive in your next pregnancy, and you can step into your next chapter of motherhood with confidence, clarity and calm.

GIVING yourself THE opportunity TO PROCESS AND HEAL—EVEN YEARS AFTER the BIRTH of your children— is not only AN ENORMOUS BENEFIT TO YOUR NEXT PREGNANCY & BIRTH EXPERIENCE but is a benefit to your life in general. this powerful work helps you MOVE FORWARD WITH your life with MORE STRENGTH, TOOLS AND CONFIDENCE—freeing you up to enjoy your life and motherhood more than ever before.

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