The experiences of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, when approached in a conscious way, can not only be positive, but can also act as catalysts for empowerment, increased self-care, well-being and personal transformative growth.  


Pregnancy, birth and early parenthood are times of remarkably intense change. Along with feeling excitement and joy for your new and growing family, it is normal for you to have a lot of questions, to need extra support, and at times to feel a great deal of unsettling emotions and confusion about the decisions and road ahead of you.  Often times, this much needed support is not readily available to parents-to-be as they navigate the busy maternity care system and prepare for parenthood. 

With the Integral Model of Pregnancy and Childbirth (IMPC)™ as our foundation, we work from the "inside out” and “outside in” to proactively address all of the factors that influence the quality and outcome of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences. 

Our Integral Approach is specifically designed to help you develop new tools and practices that can be used throughout your pregnancy, during labor, and after your birth, as you step into your role as a parent.  

To support this process, we provide Integrative Counseling & Wellness Coaching specifically for Pregnancy and Postpartum, Birth Processing and Healing, and powerful Birth Closure and Healing Ceremonies.

Additionally, many mothers with difficult past birth experiences have an especially challenging time facing and preparing for labor the next time around. Women who have unplanned Cesarean Births often need additional postpartum support for their physical and emotional recovery, as well as good information, emotional healing techniques, and sound guidance as they prepare for subsequent births, especially if they are interested in having a Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean (VBAC). We provide specialized VBAC and Cesarean Birth consulting specifically to address this need.

Receiving this support and gaining these skills and practices not only increases your chances of having positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences, but also has a tremendous impact on the rest of your life—not just as a mother, but as a well-balanced and powerful woman in the world. 


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